Women’s magazine page spread

womens mag page

The text I subbed was quite simple and straightforward. To help ensure all of the celebrity names were spelt correctly I copied and pasted them into Google. I also changed some punctuation in the quotes and I took away parts that would create legal issues.

For my headline I kept it simple and I used capital letters because thats the style most magazines use.

The main thing that I struggled with was how people are cited alongside quotes. Most of the magazines i’ve looked at don’t have any punctuation to link the quote and their name together. A lot of quotes just have the persons name either before or after, with commas breaking up any other information about them in the sentence. Due to my findings I decided to place people’s names, the year and where they said it in the same format and I took away the dashes. However, i’m still doubting myself as i’m unsure what the correct way is.



Reflection on article created

The event I covered using mobile journalism was a fundraising gig.

At the event there wasn’t a lot going on other than what was on the stage. Due to this I thought it would be best to tweet about who’s there using some photographs. I also used vine to show what was happening and they were linked onto twitter. Plus, I used Capture gather some footage of the performances to create a short video.

I decided to use these apps because they help make the article visual, which is what I thought was the most important thing to do whilst covering an event like that. One of the reasons why I avoided using an audio app was because I wasn’t sure how everything would sound due to the instruments and the speakers in the venue. However, I could have tested the sound first before capturing it properly.

Throughout the night I noticed people were paying attention to my tweets so it was important to me to carry on tweeting regularly. By the end of the night I had gained a few followers. Due to this, it’s clear that as a journalist it’s important to always provide people with regular updates to keep them interested. Depending on the news story, sometimes it’s better to live tweet, blog an broadcast instead of just writing a news story after everything has happened.

Mobile journalism article

Musicians from Hull claimed they were raising money for Kanye West to gain publicity.

Black Kes held a fundraiser called For the Benefit of Mr West after the rapper announced on Twitter he is $53m in debt.

The three-piece band held the event at O’Rileys, on Beverley Road, after offering the star £45 from their band account and saying “we’re here for you”.

The band tweeted Kanye West saying: “We too are artists and family men. Xxx.”

Black Kes’ members are known as JT, Specky and Rat King. They are a skiffle band who combine jazz, folk and blues.

At the gig all of the acts performing made it clear that the money they had raised was being donated to Hull’s BricWorks charity in Story Street, which helps people with mental health issues.

Earlier in the week, Black Kes said in an interview with Hull Daily Mail that they were going to donate the money to the charity if they did not hear back from Kanye West by the end of the event.

The band expected a good turnout. However, not as many people showed up as they had hoped with the audience mainly consisting of their friends and family.

Research into women’s magazines page layouts


Most of women’s magazines have similar page layouts. As you can see in the double page spread above, large bodies of text are split into at least two columns to make it easier for readers to digest. To break up the text images are also used. Typically, photographs cover 50% of the page to balance out the text. Most of the time in women’s magazines a large image is placed before the story and then a smaller image is placed lower down on the page. Usually the main image is of the celebrity who the story is about and then the smaller image is of the celebrity with someone who they have spoke about. Also on the smaller images, there are always captions so you know who they are with and when the image was taken.

Most magazines have white pages with black font to make the text as easy as possible to read. This magazine in particular also stereotypically uses pink text, which is likely to appeal to most women. In terms of hierarchy, the headers are presented in larger fonts and bold text.

Top tips for mobile journalism

  • Make sure you have battery power and enough to last you, otherwise travelling somewhere will be pointless as you won’t be able to share a story
  • Start by putting your phone in airplane mode to stop calls and notifications particularly need if you’re live streaming as it can ruin and interrupt broadcasts
  • Clean your lens to make sure your shots are good quality, otherwise you may end up with blurry and unprofessional looking shots
  • Hold your phone horizontally so your phones home button is in the right hand side, this prevents you from accidentally shooting upside down

Year 1, first news day

Video: New car park to be built in Hull city centre

A car park has been planned to be ready for people to use in Hull city centre by March, writes Danielle Hayes.

The pay and display car park will have 258 spaces and will be ideal for people visiting businesses in the heart of the city. This is going to be located on St Stephen’s Square, next to Tesco.

Hull City Council currently own the empty piece of land and they have teamed up with Car Parking Management Ltd to create the car park. Planning permission was granted at the beginning of the month.

Car Parking Management Ltd posted about their plans on Facebook, they said: “[It will be] an ideal place to park for city centre shopping, Hull Truck Theatre, the KC Stadium and nearby hotels and businesses.”

Video: New car park to be built in Hull city centre

Reflection on Online News Story

I thought my coverage on the news story I found was quite good. I made sure I followed the requirements of SEO and I had a range of multimedia and infographics. The multimedia I had was 2 images and a video, and the infographics I embedded was one I created myself and a Google map.

In terms of SEO, I used as many keywords as possible at the beginning of the story and I used some hyperlinks on some of the words to take readers to other websites.

I thought that my image of the person I interviewed (Parish Councillor, Kim Baish) could have looked better because it was taken from a low angle and it would have looked better from higher up. However, my other image (of the church) looked really good. The video’s quality was also poor because I had trouble getting a video camera and so I had to use a photography camera. As well as the quality, the video was also shot at a bad angle, it really should have been higher up both people should have been in the frame evenly. Unfortunately, not all of the interview was filmed either because the camera stopped recording when it got to 10 minutes.  Next time I take a video and i’m in front of the camera instead of behind, I now know to always double check before I start filming an interview.

As well as embedding a Google Map as an infographic, I thought it would be good to visualise some figures as well that were in my story. To create the infographic, I used Adobe Photoshop to create an outline of the church and then I added the figures to show how much money was needed and how much has been raised so far. I’m glad I made this little infographic, because it’s unique and it sums up some of the information from my news story.

Overall, I think my news story looks good and it’s presented well. However, the multimedia could be improved.