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Humberside Police on the hunt for stolen motorbikes and parts

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Today police officers in Hull are out checking motorbikes to see if they have any identification tags on them, and to check riders match their tags, writes Danielle Hayes.

Humberside police officers will be out on the roads, for Operation Yellowfin, with scanners that can locate data chips that have been inserted into bikes.

They are urging people to tag their bikes so they can be identified if they are ever stolen.

As well as stealing bikes that are fully intact, thieves often take parts from them individually. The parts often taken include expensive body panels, chrome parts and wheels.

If bikes are marked and tagged then it provides a visual warning to thieves that the motorcycle can be identified, and it makes them less likely to steal it or try to steal parts from it.

If you have any information regarding motorcycle crime you can call 101 and quote “Yellowfin’”. You can call also Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Hull Local Council Elections: Residents discuss what changes should be made in the city

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Ahead of the local council elections in Hull, people have been discussing what changes should be made in the city, writes Danielle Hayes

Venue owner and promotor of O’Riley’s Darren Bunting said he would like there to be more help available for local independent businesses.

Other people said they would like to see more support in Hull for arts and music, despite arts being promoted and encouraged in Hull throughout it’s year as the City of Culture in 2017.

Votes for the local council election will take place on Thursday 3 May.


Usually, a third of the council seats in Hull are up for grabs but this year it’s an all-out election due to a recent review of ward boundaries in the city.

The number of council seats has been reduced from 59 to 57 and changes have been made to most of the ward boundaries. Some current wards will disappear after May 3 to be replaced with new-look wards with new names.

The parties in Guildhall at the moment are:

  • 38 Labour councillors
  • 17 Liberal Democrat councillors
  • Two Conservative councillors
  • Two councillors with no party affiliation.

If you are not already registered to vote and want to, you must apply by Tuesday 17 April 17.

To vote in the election you must be –

  • British
  • Irish
  • from a qualifying Commonwealth country
  • a European Union citizen
  • registered to vote
  • 18 years old or over on 3 May 2018

For more details on voter registration and proxy voting email or call 01482 300300.

Votes in each ward will be counted on the night of the election after the polls close at 10pm. The results will be announced over the following couple of hours.

Hull’s first ever Young Lord Mayor elected

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An 11-year-old school pupil has been elected to be Hull’s first-ever Young Lord Mayor, writes Danielle Hayes.

Emily Koyuncu will be representing young people aged 11-17 in the city as head of the Hull Young People’s Parliament. Her duties will be officially starting in May.

The Hull Young People’s Parliament aim to represent young people’s views and opinions in the city rather than political parties.

Miss Koyuncu, who goes to Victoria Dock Primary School, said:

“Not only is this a great personal opportunity but it is also a chance to give Hull’s young people a voice in issues that matter to us.”

The pupil said she aims to highlight the work of Barnados during her year in office, as she has received support from the charity as a young carer herself.

She explained to Hull Daily Mail: “My dad died from motor neurone disease when I was eight and my mum has really bad asthma so I look after her at home when I can.”

Miss Koyuncu was shortlisted for Young Mayor alongside two other candidates Kacper Legowski, 15 and Ruby Matsell, 11.

Before she was elected on Thursday The Young People’s Parliament gathered young people together from across the city’s schools and youth centres to talk about the issues that affect them. Mental health was a key issue that was raised.

They had panel of experts who talked about positive mental health and wellbeing. One of their guest speakers was Gail Teasdale who is the programme lead for HeadStart Hull. HeadStart promotes positive emotional health and wellbeing, aiming at children, young people and their families to develop skills to cope with life challenges.

Women explore sex discrimination in Hull’s music scene – 23/02/18

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An open meeting for women raised concerns of gender inequality and sexual harassment in Hull’s music scene, writes Danielle Hayes.

Make Noise Hull joined forces with The Warren Youth Project to hold an event to consult gig-goers, musicians and engineers on issues and barriers they have experienced.

The majority of the women who attended said they feel unsafe going to gigs alone due to harassment they have experienced.

Here’s what some of the women said they would like to change in the music scene:

The female group (Make Noise Hull) consists of Rosie Collins, Yaz Watson, Megan Thundercliffe, Jazz Harbord, Yssi Wombwell, Philly McAndrew and Katie Hayes, who are all young women passionate about music.

As well as talks amongst everyone who attended the event, there was also a panel of three female music professionals who shared their experiences of working in the industry.

The panel members were Emily Dawson who is a freelance stage manager and backline technician, Ali Hubbard who is a tour manager and involved in the production of Humber Street Sesh, and Hannah Lutkin who has worked in the live music/festival scene for the past 15 years.

The panel, which was held on Wednesday 21 February, gave the audience advice on how to start their careers, shared their views on the gender divide in the industry and said what changes they would like to see happen in the future.

Make Noise Hull plan to host another open meeting for women in six months time to reflect on what they have done and what changes have been made for women in the music scene.

Number of phones stolen in night clubs has risen in Hull – 02/02/18

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There has been an increase in the amount of clubbers’ phones being reported to Humberside Police as stolen in the past month, writes Danielle Hayes.

In January, the police had nine reports of thefts of phones which were taken from people’s handbags and pockets.

In the three months before that, leading up to Christmas, 13 cases were reported.

The thieves have stolen phones in Atik, Mission and Propaganda, which are all clubs based in the city centre.

Some clubbers said they’re always cautious with their phones on nights out, when they’re around other people. Here’s what they said:

We are still waiting for the night clubs affected to comment on the matter.

Humberside Police are urging people to protect their devices, click on the link to find out more information.