Online News Story’s Target Audience

The news story I covered was about All Saints Church raising money to improve their conditions and facilities. This church is in Mappleton which is a very small village, in the countryside, near Hornsea.

Due to the story been about something in Mappleton, this makes it appeal to a very small audience as many people won’t have heard of the area. I wrote this story in the way you would for local news. The target audience for local news is a variety of different people. Therefore, the language used in my story is simple for people of all ages and class to read and understand. If I wrote this story in a different way, in a higher register, it wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t appeal to the average audience as it’s likely they wouldn’t understand complex words.

This story in particular is for online, and so this is something that could be published on the Hull Daily Mail or Holderness Gazette websites. These two news organisations are the only ones who cover Mappleton and the surrounding areas local news.


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