Humberside Police on the hunt for stolen motorbikes and parts

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Today police officers in Hull are out checking motorbikes to see if they have any identification tags on them, and to check riders match their tags, writes Danielle Hayes.

Humberside police officers will be out on the roads, for Operation Yellowfin, with scanners that can locate data chips that have been inserted into bikes.

They are urging people to tag their bikes so they can be identified if they are ever stolen.

As well as stealing bikes that are fully intact, thieves often take parts from them individually. The parts often taken include expensive body panels, chrome parts and wheels.

If bikes are marked and tagged then it provides a visual warning to thieves that the motorcycle can be identified, and it makes them less likely to steal it or try to steal parts from it.

If you have any information regarding motorcycle crime you can call 101 and quote “Yellowfin’”. You can call also Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Builder has a bro-mance

A Hull builder said he loves working with his best friend despite their regular disagreements.

Peter Broderick, who runs his own business, said it can be challenging working with his colleague but he still thinks highly of him.

The 26-year-old claimed he spends most of his time with his business partner.


Tips for presenting

The three main factors to think about when you are doing a presentation are content, design and delivery.

When creating a presentation you also need to think about:

  • What message you want to convey in your presentation
  • What you know
  • What the audience wants to know

Regardless of length, any presentation should be able to be summarised in one sentence. If you’re able to do this, people will be able to understand what you’re presenting.

Emotions are also a good thing to try to include in a presentation. This is because emotions stimulate more regions of the brain than facts do. To include emotions, you should talk about things you can relate to.

The structure of a presentation is important because, it’s important to provide people with information in the most simple way.

An introduction should typically have a story, anecdote or joke. By doing so, it will relax the audience and make them want to listen to you.

To get people thinking about your presentation, it’s also good to end things with a solution, insight or an action step.

In terms of transitions, the slides should have connections, contrasts,  and conclusions. By doing so, it presents things like a story to people.

It’s also important to know that you don’t have to start with a blank slide, you can customise templates and use relevant stock photos to ensure your presentation is clear to read and understand. Slide shop has more than 15000 slides available.

You should also minimise content on slides and know what you’re going to talk about because too much text exhausts the eye.

The style of slides should be consistent and you should use three complimenting fonts and stick with them. This includes font type, size and colour.

Overall, all design elements should reinforce your message.

Body language is also important because if it’s not right it can distract people from listening to you. To present effectively you should have a good posture by standing tall and facing the audience,otherwise all your efforts would go to waste if you look awkward.A good way to deliver a presentation is to look confident, smile, give eye contact, have a strong tone of voice wear the appropriate clothes.

It’s also good to practice any presentation you’re going to do. If you’re able to be spontaneous, humorous, talk about recent events and ask people questions, it’s likely you will look more confident and honest, and you will be entertaining.