Reflection on Online News Story

I thought my coverage on the news story I found was quite good. I made sure I followed the requirements of SEO and I had a range of multimedia and infographics. The multimedia I had was 2 images and a video, and the infographics I embedded was one I created myself and a Google map.

In terms of SEO, I used as many keywords as possible at the beginning of the story and I used some hyperlinks on some of the words to take readers to other websites.

I thought that my image of the person I interviewed (Parish Councillor, Kim Baish) could have looked better because it was taken from a low angle and it would have looked better from higher up. However, my other image (of the church) looked really good. The video’s quality was also poor because I had trouble getting a video camera and so I had to use a photography camera. As well as the quality, the video was also shot at a bad angle, it really should have been higher up both people should have been in the frame evenly. Unfortunately, not all of the interview was filmed either because the camera stopped recording when it got to 10 minutes.  Next time I take a video and i’m in front of the camera instead of behind, I now know to always double check before I start filming an interview.

As well as embedding a Google Map as an infographic, I thought it would be good to visualise some figures as well that were in my story. To create the infographic, I used Adobe Photoshop to create an outline of the church and then I added the figures to show how much money was needed and how much has been raised so far. I’m glad I made this little infographic, because it’s unique and it sums up some of the information from my news story.

Overall, I think my news story looks good and it’s presented well. However, the multimedia could be improved.



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