Advertising Campaigns with a Strong Visual Message

After seeing the Lloyds Bank advertisement for their 250 year anniversary ( , I went on the hunt for more campaigns with a strong visual message. The advert for Lloyds Bank tells the story of the black horse been around us for years. To illustrate the shift in time, historical events are used. Most of the events portrayed in the advert are tragic, which sends the message to the audience that Lloyds Bank have been with us through thick and thin. The storytelling method has more of an impact on audiences because it makes it more personal, which is why we see a lot more in the media nowadays.


The company with advertising campaigns that came to mind, when I thought of storytelling, was Coca Cola. Their latest campaign is called Kiss Happiness ( This advertisement is effective because it portrays people’s happy moments in life when they’re drinking Coca Cola. It is also suggests to the audience that everyone loves Coca Cola, through connotations, because we ‘kiss’ the bottle. By using the original glass bottle, the advertisement also suggests the world famous drink is timeless and it doesn’t need to change due of everyone’s love for it.


Werthers Original’s latest advertisement (, also uses the storytelling method. Here, it targets an older audience by suggesting that when you have these sweets it makes you feel like a child in a sweet shop again. This nostalgic anecdote appeals to those who want to feel youthful again.

Robinson’s Wimbledon 2013 advertisement ( also has a strong visual message. Within this advert, it shows people of all ages and from different backgrounds watching tennis and drinking Robinson’s juice. The video shows people watching with mixed emotions and makes Wimbledon seem like its all about everyone watching and not just the tennis players. By showing people drinking Robinson’s, it also suggests that they have been there and will carry on been there with the audience.