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Musicians from Hull claimed they were raising money for Kanye West to gain publicity.

Black Kes held a fundraiser called For the Benefit of Mr West after the rapper announced on Twitter he is $53m in debt.

The three-piece band held the event at O’Rileys, on Beverley Road, after offering the star £45 from their band account and saying “we’re here for you”.

The band tweeted Kanye West saying: “We too are artists and family men. Xxx.”

Black Kes’ members are known as JT, Specky and Rat King. They are a skiffle band who combine jazz, folk and blues.

At the gig all of the acts performing made it clear that the money they had raised was being donated to Hull’s BricWorks charity in Story Street, which helps people with mental health issues.

Earlier in the week, Black Kes said in an interview with Hull Daily Mail that they were going to donate the money to the charity if they did not hear back from Kanye West by the end of the event.

The band expected a good turnout. However, not as many people showed up as they had hoped with the audience mainly consisting of their friends and family.


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