Women’s magazine page spread

womens mag page

The text I subbed was quite simple and straightforward. To help ensure all of the celebrity names were spelt correctly I copied and pasted them into Google. I also changed some punctuation in the quotes and I took away parts that would create legal issues.

For my headline I kept it simple and I used capital letters because thats the style most magazines use.

The main thing that I struggled with was how people are cited alongside quotes. Most of the magazines i’ve looked at don’t have any punctuation to link the quote and their name together. A lot of quotes just have the persons name either before or after, with commas breaking up any other information about them in the sentence. Due to my findings I decided to place people’s names, the year and where they said it in the same format and I took away the dashes. However, i’m still doubting myself as i’m unsure what the correct way is.



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