Research into women’s magazines page layouts


Most of women’s magazines have similar page layouts. As you can see in the double page spread above, large bodies of text are split into at least two columns to make it easier for readers to digest. To break up the text images are also used. Typically, photographs cover 50% of the page to balance out the text. Most of the time in women’s magazines a large image is placed before the story and then a smaller image is placed lower down on the page. Usually the main image is of the celebrity who the story is about and then the smaller image is of the celebrity with someone who they have spoke about. Also on the smaller images, there are always captions so you know who they are with and when the image was taken.

Most magazines have white pages with black font to make the text as easy as possible to read. This magazine in particular also stereotypically uses pink text, which is likely to appeal to most women. In terms of hierarchy, the headers are presented in larger fonts and bold text.