BBC Look North

Whilst watching BBC Look North, I found some stories more interesting than other due to how they were covered.

One of the stories I particularly liked was one about Hull Truck Theatre having special shows for hearing impaired people. I like the way this story was presented because at first, viewers were shown a snippet of people performing on the stage doing sign language with a screen behind them with word from the script on. Then after showing the visual side of the story, the reporter began to do a voice over to explain what was actually happening. In a sense, the reporter draws the audience into this story by making them be in the audience at the theatre.

Another story I liked was one about a footballer who had claimed on Twitter that racist comments were made towards him during a football match. There was a lot of different things to see visually with this story, which made it more interesting to watch. For this story BBC showed the post from Twitter, an interview with another footballer talking about it and the people playing football.

The stories I didn’t like on the news were the ones that covered court cases. This is because there was a lack of visuals and there was a lot more voice overs used. For example, there was a story that covered the fire in Club Valbon and the only things viewers were shown were 3 still images of the club. This makes me, as a viewer, feel distanced from what has happened. However, it’s understandable that you cannot cover a lot when it comes to ongoing court cases.