Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences are been created for lots of different organisations on the internet nowadays. I think this is great because it makes websites less boring and more interactive. Immersive experiences are the total opposite to the type of websites that I hate, with huge amounts of text on with no imagery or visual elements.

Matt Petronzio ( stated “once the site loads, you’re immediately submerged in the subject matter”, which pretty much sums up what immersive sites do.

The best online immersive experience I found myself was on Google.

The link to it is:

On here, it takes the audience through the suffragette movement.

To demonstrate what was happening at the time, images and videos were used as well as quotes from people and audio. The different types of media help transform the information into more of an experience, due to the lack of text. This is also quite interactive because you have the ability to go backwards and forwards through the pages.

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