Reflection on article created

The event I covered using mobile journalism was a fundraising gig.

At the event there wasn’t a lot going on other than what was on the stage. Due to this I thought it would be best to tweet about who’s there using some photographs. I also used vine to show what was happening and they were linked onto twitter. Plus, I used Capture gather some footage of the performances to create a short video.

I decided to use these apps because they help make the article visual, which is what I thought was the most important thing to do whilst covering an event like that. One of the reasons why I avoided using an audio app was because I wasn’t sure how everything would sound due to the instruments and the speakers in the venue. However, I could have tested the sound first before capturing it properly.

Throughout the night I noticed people were paying attention to my tweets so it was important to me to carry on tweeting regularly. By the end of the night I had gained a few followers. Due to this, it’s clear that as a journalist it’s important to always provide people with regular updates to keep them interested. Depending on the news story, sometimes it’s better to live tweet, blog an broadcast instead of just writing a news story after everything has happened.


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