Albanian feature story

I think the feature story I have created is the best content I have created for the website.

The piece raises a serious issue which isn’t really covered in the press as much, and before I found the data about this I didn’t even know Albanian’s were targeted more – I thought it was Vietnamese men.

Although I haven’t really got any multimedia for the piece, I still think it’s important to be on the website as it is hard hitting news. And I think the infographic I created on helps break the written content up a bit. For the graphics, I stuck to the theme colours of our website so it all looks good.

On the story I have added links onto some of the text, which will take viewers to external sites who are my sources. By adding the links I will be making the story on the website more SEO friendly.


Evaluation of self initiated project

For the self initiated project I feel like I could have done a lot better.

Our group didn’t work well together at all as there was a huge lack of communication and barely anyone turned up to the sessions.

Working in a group was very frustrating, as I wasn’t sure what content everyone was gathering and I didn’t want to contact the same organisations and get the same stories as other people.

I tried to get in touch with everyone and ask what was been done several times however no one would speak. I even sent them all a message saying I had had enough and that everyone should go in and sort things out. However, the others didn’t seem to care.

I think I should have taken charge of the group, as the editors lacked control and were never in contact with me other than right at the start of the project. I felt like I was doing everything on my own.

After putting off doing work for a while I eventually kicked into gear and I started to work on what I wanted to do, regardless of what everyone else was doing.

I regret going against how I planned my time out in a Gantt chart at the start of the project, as I suddenly felt like I had a lot to do in little time. However, I created more to keep myself on track and they helped me stay organised.

It took a while for organisations to get back to me after contacting them for spotlight pieces, and I think I should have contacted them a lot earlier than I did as I didn’t get as many as I wanted for the website.

However, I have managed to create a fair amount of content for the website and I feel like I have done a nice variety of things.

The best story I think I found was my feature story about Albanians being trafficked the most. This story only sparked from finding some data online from the Salvation Army. Then when I dug deeper and asked Prof Gary Craig what he knows about the issue I realised it was quite a big story, and I had a lot of research which allowed me to create the feature.

The only issue with my content is that I haven’t got as much multimedia as I wanted, because it was difficult to meet up with people for interviews because of how pressed I was for time and how busy they were as well. However, I have got some audio pieces and I helped Chelsea create a video for one of her stories.

Overall, the self initiated project has taught me to not sit back in group projects and to organise my time better.

If I am to work with groups in the future on projects I am probably going to take charge and get on with everything I want to do straight away, so I can achieve the best possible outcome and not be left feeling disappointed and like I could have done better.

STORY: Albanians prime target for human trafficking and exploitation

Over the last five years the number of Albanians trafficked to the UK has been rising.

Now, latest figures are suggesting Albanians are targeted more than any other ethnic group for human trafficking.

In February 2017 there were 48 Albanians referred to the Salvation Army, amongst 207 victims with different ethnicities.

The second most victimised ethnic group was Vietnamese, with a recorded amount of 29 people referred to the charity.

To view the statistics, click on the link below:

Women also seem to be targeted more by human traffickers as 64% of those who were referred to the Salvation Army in February were female.

In a women’s refuge in southern Albania, a girl revealed to the BBC that she was forced to sleep with several men a day.

“Seya” was trafficked from Albania when she was 14. She fled from a violent family home, and was then sold into a trafficking ring by a man she thought was her boyfriend.

She told the BBC she was “terrified”.

Unfortunately “Seya” isn’t the only girl who has been victimised after escaping from a violent home. In fact, most of the women and girls who are trafficked from Albania report fleeing forced marriages and domestic violence.

According to the Home Office in Albania, domestic violence is a “serious and widespread problem”.

One of their documents from last year stated that in a survey it was shown “some 53 percent of women had experienced domestic violence within the last 12 months”.

Home Office said it is not only the women’s partners who are violent towards them but also parents, brothers, sisters, in-laws, and other relatives.

Associate director of Hull’s WISE (Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation) Professor Gary Craig also claims women in Albania have very “little opportunity for paid work”, which is why they are attracted to moving abroad to try to earn a decent income.

The professor of social justice says many of the women are lured into the UK by criminals who promise them jobs, such as work in a hotel or a café. However, they often end up being trafficked and exploited.

He explains: “It is reasonably easy for women to be trafficked into the UK via Italy as they are then in the EU. The route across the Adriatic is relatively short and very well-used by criminal gangs. The cost of getting women to the UK may be relatively low.

“There has been a huge growth in criminality in Albania and indeed it has become for some sections of society, more or less a way of life as the institutions of law and legal enforcement are weak. There is a very large network of gangs able to manage the trafficking nexus.”

A human trafficker who is serving a 15-year sentence in Albania said that there was a time when “everyone” was doing it.

Prisoner Fatos Kapplani is being held at a high security prison for trafficking children to Greece and forcing them to work as prostitutes and beggars. While he was carrying out the criminal acts, he had a wife and children.

When he was asked in an interview with the BBC what made him do it, he said: “It was a time that everyone was doing that kind of thing.

“It’s terrible,” he added, “What if that were my child and someone did that to them. It’s very terrible.”

Helping Chelsea get footage for her victim story

Yesterday afternoon I helped Chelsea get footage for a video she is going to create for her victim story, with my camera and tripod.

She originally had an audio piece of her interview with a victim of sex trafficking and she was just going to include that as multimedia on the site.

However, Sally suggested it would be good if we could turn it into a video to place on the top of the home page of the website to draw people in.

For footage, Chelsea filmed me walking around Queens Gardens and us both sat on a bench together as if I was the victim and she is going to edit it so it is very dark and I am just a silhouette. By doing so, it portrays the victim wishes to be anonymous but it makes it visual.

As well as this footage, we also got some cutaways of the trees, the court, traffic, peoples feet and buildings in the city centre.

Hopefully when Chelsea puts everything together it will look good.

Reflection on Hull Amnesty Group spotlight piece

A few weeks after trying to get in touch with someone from Hull Amnesty Group by email, I got a reply from them that had a very long statement informing me of everything they do from their secretary Anne Lasckey.

In my email I had asked if there was anyone I could speak to, to tell me more information. I was hoping to speak to someone on the phone to do a telephone interview and record it so I could have some multimedia for the site. However, because of their reply to me I decided to just work with what I had been given and she looked like she had taken a fair amount of time out to write to me to help.

From Anne’s statement, I have created a spotlight piece which highlights who they are and what they do. Unfortunately, she didn’t tell me anything newsworthy. However I thought it would be good to write about them and include them on the site to help raise awareness of organisations who are involved in modern slavery.

On this piece I have added links, to make the story SEO friendly.

SPOTLIGHT: Hull Amnesty Group

Hull Amnesty Group is stepping up their campaign to raise awareness of human rights during City of Culture 2017 with a series of events.

The team is planning to have a presence at more festivals in the year while the city is expected to be busier.648_Amnesty_logo_400px.jpg

As well as being an advisory partner for Freedom Festival and having stalls at Refugee Week (19-25 June) and Green Fair (Saturday 20 May), Hull Amnesty is planning to attend a new event that has been introduced as part of City of Culture 2017.

Secretary of Hull Amnesty Group Anne Lasckey said: “This year we hope to have a presence at the UK Pride event in July also.”

Hull Amnesty is a team who not only raise awareness of human rights locally, but also seek support for their petitions and raise money for their larger body Amnesty International.

To raise funds, the group also organise their own events which Ms Lasckey says “contribute to the varied cultural life of Hull”.

Hull Amnesty have regular classical music concerts and they have an annual gig at the Adelphi. The team also hold an event where people can write to prisoners of conscience identified by Amnesty International called Write for Rights.

Over the past three years Hull Amnesty Group have published an anthology of poems based on peace and human rights called Small Candles, and a volume of local history essays called Not Just Wilberforce. These essays highlight the lives of human rights champions from Hull and East Yorkshire.

The publication of Not Just Wilberforce was funded by a grant from The Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal. The volume also has a separate edition, which was distributed free to all local secondary schools.

One of Hull Amnesty Group’s most recent campaigns highlighted women’s suffrage. The campaign was revolved around Dr Mary Murdoch, who is a subject of one of the essays in Not Just Wilberforce.

The team got local artist Steve Elliott to create a giant sculpture of Mary Murdoch for the campaign, which was funded by a grant award from the Marsh Trust and personal donations from supporters.

Anne Lasckey from Hull Amnesty Group said it has been a main attraction at some events and special exhibitions at The History Centre, Beverley Minster and The Freedom Centre so far.

Hull Amnesty Group usually meets on the last Thursday of every month at 7pm at the Vintage Cafe, on Chanterlands Avenue. Anyone is welcome to join the group.

To keep up to date with what Hull Amnesty Group is doing, follow them on Facebook at

Gantt chart for final week

final chart.jpg

For my final week before submission I have created another Gantt chart because it is going to be a busy week for me.

As you can see I still have content to create before Friday 19th and even a last minute interview.

Tomorrow I will be helping Chelsea get footage so she can turn her interview with a victim into a video so we have some more multimedia on the website.

I will also be creating the content I have gathered all the information for already over the weekend so they’re ready for Carmen to check for me when I next see her.

I am going to be interviewing Charlene Kent hopefully in the beginning of the week. She has asked me to give her a call. Luckily, I managed to get hold of her last minute. I had put off contacting her because Paul kept telling me he was going to get in touch with her. However, he never did so I have ended up doing this spotlight piece myself. Hopefully, I will get it all done in time and the audio will be a good quality so we can have more multimedia and I will finish the piece in time.