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Mappleton’s All Saints Church Plans to Raise Money


All Saints Church

The residents in Mappleton are aiming to raise up to quarter of a million to improve their church’s facilities.

Parish Councillor, Kim Baish, is determined to make a change to All Saints Church. He wants to make the church more friendly and welcoming by fixing the clock, adding insulation, changing the seating and lighting, upgrading the kitchen and adding some toilets.


Parish Councillor, Kim Baish

Mr Baish Said:

‘To do this church I would estimate that you will be looking of a figure of about £200,000-£250,000 to do everything that needs doing and to bring it up to a good state of repair so that you can think it will be very good for the next generation’.

The main focus on the church is for the clock to be fixed, the Parish Councillor said:

‘The mechanism is completely broken so we’ve got some quotes and we’ve raised quite a lot of money towards it being completed’

‘That will be lovely to hear it chiming because quite a lot of people in the area look to the clock’

‘It will be really nice to see it working’

For the clock to be sorted out, £15,000 needs to be raised. Kim Baish has already raised £5000 on his own, in the last 8 months, and he has been promised £10,000 from Withernwick Wind Farm. However, he still wants to raise some more money on his own.


To raise the money for the grade II listed building, Kim Baish has come up with some ideas for later in the year. One of the main ideas he has is to have a cycling fundraiser that all of the community can take part in, cycling around the area.

All Saints Church has been through a lot in history. It was thought to have existed in 1086, and it has survived bombings from World War 2. Kim Baish has been a Parish Councillor for 15 years.

Watch the interview with Kim Baish here:


Location: Mappleton, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU18 1XS


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