Photoshop – Modifying Images

My view on using Photoshop to modify the way people look is very negative. I believe that by creating a hyper reality of what people look like, it puts a lot more pressure on our self esteem. Most models are already seen as ‘perfect’ and so by making them look even better, I think it is immoral. Too many young girls and boys, nowadays, have low self esteem and are extremely elf conscious because of modified images.

However, in some cases, it is acceptable to make slight changes to images of people. For example if someone has really bad skin and they want to look better, I don’t have a problem with changing their photograph to clear it up a bit. When modifying the model I was given, I learnt how to use the spot healing tool, liquify, burn tool, airbrush and hue/saturation to clear skin up on an image. I found the spot healing brush really simple and easy to use, and it’s good because the person still looks like themselves when you use that tool on them. The liquefying tool, however, was a lot more complicated and I don’t like the idea of changing people’s facial features. I also found the airbrush quite good, but I don’t like it when it is used too much because it makes people look unrealistic.