Illustrator Typography

Personally, I think Adobe Illustrator is one of the best pieces of software to use to create typography. This is because there is a huge variety of different things you can do with text.

First of all, when you first type text onto documents you have the basic tools which allow you to change the font and size. To me, this is very simple for beginners using Illustrator. As well as using the simple tool to change size, you can also use the SHIFT key on a keyboard and there are two different ways of using it. The first way is to hold SHIFT and click on the bottom left hand corner of the text and drag, this changes the size and proportion. You can also do this and press the ALT key as well as SHIFT which changes all the proportions of the text. As well as the basic tools that appear at the top of Illustrator when you create text, you can also press CTRL and T to make a command window appear.

Another task you can command in Illustrator is duplication, in order to do so you press the ALT key and click on the object and drag. You can also manipulate the paths and shapes of text like when you create objects in Illustrator, which allows you to create unique typography. Illustrator also allows you to populate shapes with text, allowing it to be presented in a more visually appealing way.

You can also place images into text which gives font a unique pattern instead of just having a simple block colour. In order to do so, you place the text over the image you want and highlight it all then select ‘Clipping Mask’. Again, this makes type more visually appealing as it allows you to show what the word actually is as well as just saying it. I really like the fact you can do this because it shifts text from just being a symbol in terms of semiotics, and it allows you to manipulate people’s connotations from the words.


To make type stand out, you can also make it 3D (as seen below). In order to do so you highlight all the text, then click on effect and 3D. After that,a box should then appear which will allow you to select the different faces of a cube (representing the text) and rotate it. There are also extrude and bevel options for 3D shapes. The extrude is the depth of the shape and bevel is the edge. These tools for 3D shapes are really useful because by having the ability to change how they look, it allows you to change the impact they have in documents.


Overall, the different tools for text are really useful to me because they will allow me to make different pieces of media I create more appealing to audiences.