Evaluation of documentary

The documentary me and Chelsea created addresses the issues surrounding the measurements of clothes in UK high street stores.

To demonstrate the problem, I went out and purchased clothes from different shops all in a size 12 and we compared them in piece to cameras, reaching out to the audience. We decided to do the documentary this way so that the viewers feel included and can clearly see what is going on.

We also included an interview with a counsellor at the end to add authority to the piece and show that she can explain the affects on women’s self esteem deeper and the issues with the sizing of clothing. When we filmed this, we didn’t have a microphone to connect to my camera and the sound from the camera was bad quality. However, luckily I had my mini microphone for my phone and I just attached that and placed it near her and recorded what she was saying.

A few times when we planned to go out filming we had issues with getting the right equipment from college and I found it very frustrating. We had to keep putting things off because we wanted microphones to do vox pops and for the interview and pieces to camera. However, when we went they either didn’t have any, didn’t have the right adapters or they didn’t work properly.

Then when we had eventually filmed and was ready to edit, the SD cards corrupted and we had to do everything all over again which was annoying. I had just taken all the clothes back to the shops and then I had to go out again and buy them all.

For the documentary I also created a survey and asked women to fill it out, so that we had our own primary research which backs up our argument in the documentary and it shows that it is an issue. I mentioned some of the findings from this survey in the voice over at the start.

There is a serious tone to the documentary due to the topic and in the piece to camera’s I am quite chatty due to the audience being everyday women.

When we went out filming we got as many different shots as possible, and we wanted to give some narrative to the documentary instead of everything being facts and comparisons, which is why we got footage of me going out and buying the clothes.

For the footage of me going to different shops, we decided to speed it up when we were editing and add some music over it to create a quick montage, because it was quite boring in normal speed and with no sound.

I also really liked Chelsea’s idea to add transitions to the footage of me speaking about the individual items of clothing. For this, she made the shots slide in and out of the screen and she created split screens so that you could see two items of clothing at the same time on me to see the difference. This took up the most time in the editing process and it was worth it because I think without it everything would have been boring.

Overall, I think the documentary is OK. However, I found it frustrating to create and edit because we had a few set backs. I think if we had more time to edit the footage it could look a lot better than it does.



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