Reflection on specialist news story

The specialism of my news story is music and the story is about a big band coming to Hull.

I came across this story because the person who organised the gig asked me to review it for him before it was even announced, and so it seemed like it was going to be quite a big and popular event.

I have written this story as if it would be published in a local music magazine such as Browse Magazine, or in Hull Daily Mail in the What’s Happening section, as it is all about the band (Holding Absence) coming to Hull.

Hull Daily Mail’s socio economic demographic is C2DE, which stands for skilled manual occupations and semi-skilled and unskilled manual occupations, unemployed and lowest grade occupations. These two grading’s grouped together are the lowest socio economic grades, which means Hull Daily Mail reach out to a wide and varied audience.

Their target age is also extremely wide with their reading age starting at aged 9. So that they appeal to a wide audience their writing style aims at people aged between 9 and 32, which means their content is simple and easy to read for the local audience they circulate to.

My main source for the story is Lewis Ross, who organised the event at O’Rileys where he works. I initially contacted him on Facebook and then met up with him to conduct an interview and get as much as possible out of him.

I also spoke to Darren Bunting who runs O’Rileys on Facebook, he is a very busy man and it was easier for him to just message me a response.

Plus I included one of the bands, To the Strongest, as a secondary source by quoting what they said about the show on Facebook. 

As well as just To the Strongest’s reaction I also tried to get quotes off the other bands. However, I didn’t manage to.

To bulk the story up a bit I also tried to find some quotes off fans. However, I didn’t manage to find any that were really worth quoting.


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