Evaluation of self initiated project

For the self initiated project I feel like I could have done a lot better.

Our group didn’t work well together at all as there was a huge lack of communication and barely anyone turned up to the sessions.

Working in a group was very frustrating, as I wasn’t sure what content everyone was gathering and I didn’t want to contact the same organisations and get the same stories as other people.

I tried to get in touch with everyone and ask what was been done several times however no one would speak. I even sent them all a message saying I had had enough and that everyone should go in and sort things out. However, the others didn’t seem to care.

I think I should have taken charge of the group, as the editors lacked control and were never in contact with me other than right at the start of the project. I felt like I was doing everything on my own.

After putting off doing work for a while I eventually kicked into gear and I started to work on what I wanted to do, regardless of what everyone else was doing.

I regret going against how I planned my time out in a Gantt chart at the start of the project, as I suddenly felt like I had a lot to do in little time. However, I created more to keep myself on track and they helped me stay organised.

It took a while for organisations to get back to me after contacting them for spotlight pieces, and I think I should have contacted them a lot earlier than I did as I didn’t get as many as I wanted for the website.

However, I have managed to create a fair amount of content for the website and I feel like I have done a nice variety of things.

The best story I think I found was my feature story about Albanians being trafficked the most. This story only sparked from finding some data online from the Salvation Army. Then when I dug deeper and asked Prof Gary Craig what he knows about the issue I realised it was quite a big story, and I had a lot of research which allowed me to create the feature.

The only issue with my content is that I haven’t got as much multimedia as I wanted, because it was difficult to meet up with people for interviews because of how pressed I was for time and how busy they were as well. However, I have got some audio pieces and I helped Chelsea create a video for one of her stories.

Overall, the self initiated project has taught me to not sit back in group projects and to organise my time better.

If I am to work with groups in the future on projects I am probably going to take charge and get on with everything I want to do straight away, so I can achieve the best possible outcome and not be left feeling disappointed and like I could have done better.


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