Reflection on Hull Amnesty Group spotlight piece

A few weeks after trying to get in touch with someone from Hull Amnesty Group by email, I got a reply from them that had a very long statement informing me of everything they do from their secretary Anne Lasckey.

In my email I had asked if there was anyone I could speak to, to tell me more information. I was hoping to speak to someone on the phone to do a telephone interview and record it so I could have some multimedia for the site. However, because of their reply to me I decided to just work with what I had been given and she looked like she had taken a fair amount of time out to write to me to help.

From Anne’s statement, I have created a spotlight piece which highlights who they are and what they do. Unfortunately, she didn’t tell me anything newsworthy. However I thought it would be good to write about them and include them on the site to help raise awareness of organisations who are involved in modern slavery.

On this piece I have added links, to make the story SEO friendly.


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