Helping Chelsea get footage for her victim story

Yesterday afternoon I helped Chelsea get footage for a video she is going to create for her victim story, with my camera and tripod.

She originally had an audio piece of her interview with a victim of sex trafficking and she was just going to include that as multimedia on the site.

However, Sally suggested it would be good if we could turn it into a video to place on the top of the home page of the website to draw people in.

For footage, Chelsea filmed me walking around Queens Gardens and us both sat on a bench together as if I was the victim and she is going to edit it so it is very dark and I am just a silhouette. By doing so, it portrays the victim wishes to be anonymous but it makes it visual.

As well as this footage, we also got some cutaways of the trees, the court, traffic, peoples feet and buildings in the city centre.

Hopefully when Chelsea puts everything together it will look good.


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