Gantt chart for final week

final chart.jpg

For my final week before submission I have created another Gantt chart because it is going to be a busy week for me.

As you can see I still have content to create before Friday 19th and even a last minute interview.

Tomorrow I will be helping Chelsea get footage so she can turn her interview with a victim into a video so we have some more multimedia on the website.

I will also be creating the content I have gathered all the information for already over the weekend so they’re ready for Carmen to check for me when I next see her.

I am going to be interviewing Charlene Kent hopefully in the beginning of the week. She has asked me to give her a call. Luckily, I managed to get hold of her last minute. I had put off contacting her because Paul kept telling me he was going to get in touch with her. However, he never did so I have ended up doing this spotlight piece myself. Hopefully, I will get it all done in time and the audio will be a good quality so we can have more multimedia and I will finish the piece in time.


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