Further issues with the group

For some time now I have been turning up to sessions and being the only person in the group who has bothered to show up – other than a couple of others.

I have found this extremely frustrating as it is supposed to be a group project and I feel like I am doing everything myself.

No one communicates and it is a mystery to me what the others are working on for the website.

At the start of the project I even created a category on our group blog because I knew this would happen, and I have asked everyone to add their content to it several times so I can add the content onto the site that me and Chelsea are having to create without them.

I have tried to contact everyone in the group a few times on our group chat and I have received silence from all of them but one, who replied with “just because we are not there, doesn’t mean we aren’t doing work” when I asked if anyone was going to bother because I don’t want to ruin my degree because of them.

It seems that even if I took charge earlier on, there would still be the same issues with the group as they don’t seem to be interested in the project at all.



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