Data developing into story

After the data from the Salvation Army made it clear to me that people from Albania are victimised the most for human trafficking, I started to research more into the issue.

I have found some reports from the BBC that tell some victims’ stories, who are young girls. They have also interviewed a prisoner, who was sentenced for trafficking children to Greece.

As well as reports in the news about Albanians being trafficked, I have also found a blog where someone is explaining why they are victimised and they explain that women are trafficked more because it is a patriarchal society.

Plus, I have found some documents published by their home office which talk about domestic violence in the country – which is linked to why women flee the country.

Knowing all of this information now, I know I have plenty to create a feature story. And as well as these secondary sources, I am going to contact Professor Gary Craig to ask for his opinions and to see if he can get me in touch with anyone else about the issue.

This feature will be written content, as there isn’t really any multimedia I could get for this story. However, I am going to create an infographic to visual the data.


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