Issues with filming 

Today me and Chelsea planned to spend the whole day filming and we had prepared for the day yesterday by getting the equipment we needed.

However, when we got to filming we realised we couldn’t connect the microphone we had to the camera because we needed a cable jack.

When we went to the stores, they didn’t have any and we were told to use a JVC camera so connect the microphone for filming. As predicted due to previous experience, we were unable to get the JVC to pick up the audio and record it and we tried to use two different microphones.

Therefore, due to the inability to record quality audio for the documentary we had to put off filming and we will now have to do it another day.

I am very annoyed that the college never seem to have the right equipment needed and equipment that works. As students we shouldn’t have to keep buying it for ourselves and it’s frustrating because it makes it difficult to do work. I have ordered the things we need online. Hopefully it will arrive in time for us to meet out deadline.


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