Interview with poet

I had originally discussed with Richard Harries (poet) to go to Withernsea to meet up with him and conduct an interview on camera, for a profile piece to go with his poem for our site. However, as time became rushed to speak to him due to him being busy and planning to go away for two weeks soon I decided to just call him and record our conversation.

There is a chance the interview could still be multimedia as I have listened back to some of the recorded audio and it sounds fine. I’ve also asked Richard for an image of himself to make the piece visual.

Overall the actual interview went well and he spoke in detail about what inspired his poem about modern slavery and why he wanted to write about it which is what I wanted to know.

I think it will be good to add a profile piece about Richard onto the website because it demonstrates that there is more meaning and understanding behind the poem which we will be using.

If the audio is good quality I plan to have written content giving background about Richard Harries, a Soundcloud file of him speaking about his inspiration and an image of him. By presenting his profile like this, it will be simple for audiences to view.


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