Mending the leaky bucket 

Many websites can often face issues with high bounce rates. 

Bounce rates are the amount of people who go onto a website and go straight back out of it after about 30 seconds without absorbing any content.

To reduce the number of people bouncing on your site you can:

  • Set up an RSS newsletter
  • Have a comments section that will allow people to have debates, which will make them keep visiting the site to see people’s responses
  • Have related posts after news stories so people stay on the site and read more
  • Have internal links 
  • Have social media sharing options

For the modern slavery website, I think all of these methods will be of great use and they will fit well with the content and what we’re trying to achieve.

As a group we have already planned to have a comments section and social media. I think we should also set up a newsletter and have related posts to keep people from bouncing on the site. I also think internal links would be good. However, I’m not sure how we specifically could add them due to the lack of content my group has created so far. If we do have a good amount of stories though internal links could be introduced by linking people off from one story to another one covered previously.

As well as for the self initiated, I will also keep this in mind for when I create my own product in my third year so that I ensure I will engage audiences.


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