Documentary proposal


In the UK retail companies have received many complaints about how they label the sizes on clothes items. Many women have had issues with finding clothes that fit them correctly and we are unable to narrow ourselves down to being one specific size.

The documentary will expose these issues consumers face with sizes of clothes been labelled differently in shops. The film will seek to make large organisations revaluate their stock and how they can make items in all store the same throughout the UK.


The sizes of clothes and mannequins has an effect on women’s self-esteem and views on body image. These issues sometimes can lead to mental illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia.

This film will address the issues caused by clothes sizes because some people think they’re a certain size and then they go and have to buy items of clothing that are three times as big, which gets them down.


We want to make this film as over the recent Christmas period, one of us got two pieces of clothing from two different shops in the same sizes. However, it revealed how different they really where, one was way bigger than the other. We believe that this documentary will allow us to highlight, educate and inform a large audience and hopefully help stores be inspired to take the next steps in order to make everyone feel better about their body image, no matter what gender, age or size.  This program seeks:

  • To highlight issues with clothes sizing in multiple stores in the UK, and compare a few items of the same size to showcase compelling comparisons.
  • To inform and educate people on the risks stores are having on their consumers from having inconsistence throughout all stores in the UK.

Distribution: Audience & Outreach

We strongly feel that presenting this issue will help to attract a large audience. If this was a documentary for a company we feel it could even reach a national audience.

This in our opinions would be greatly received as a panorama documentary which the BBC one generally tackle these styles. The target demographic would be more towards women. The demographics for the audience would be C2DE adults between 16-34.


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