Meeting Sarah Colley

When we met Sarah Colley from University of Hull, who is involved in Freedom talks and events, I didn’t feel like we got much out of it.

It was clear that she knew a vast amount of information about modern slavery. However, she didn’t really give us any information we didn’t already know. This was possibly because we had met Professor Gary Craig before, who knows an incredible amount of things about modern slavery.

When we sat down with her she asked us what we already know about modern slavery and to write down the different types we know about on a piece of paper. After that, I didn’t feel like she really taught us anything and she didn’t expand on many areas for us.

As a group I feel like we should have asked her for more contacts and who else we should be speaking to, but we barely touched on that.

However, there was one good thing that Sarah Colley brought to us and that was the videos that she showed us. One of the videos she showed us was an advertisement used to raise awareness.  In the first video it showed women dancing in a window and men gathered around watching them in Amsterdam. Then the second video she showed us was a short film that told the story of a homeless man who was forced into slave labour and was trapped on a farm. I think these videos were good examples of what we can include on our website and how we can raise awareness with video content.


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