Story for Hull College newsletter

Students film documentary for NHS

Three students from Hull School of Art and Design have created a documentary film for the NHS.

Kashilembo Wabu, Chelsea Sparke and Danielle Hayes volunteered to film for the NHS after an approach to the college asking for students to help.

The documentary, A Day in The Life of the NHS, follows the story of a character called Terry, showing how health services help him throughout his life.

Chelsea Sparke, who is in her second year studying journalism and digital media, said the purpose of the film is to show secondary school pupils the wide variety of roles there are within the NHS.

Miss Sparke said: “The aim of the film is to make people aware and potentially intrigue them to think of a career path in the health sector,

“It was a good opportunity to give something back to the NHS after everything they’ve done for me over the years.”

The students filmed the documentary whilst pupils watched professionals act out real life scenarios at Hull Royal Infirmary.

Kashilembo Wabu, who is in his third year, said: “I decided to do it mainly because it was something that would boost my experience as a film student, as well as helping to pass the message on to young people and help the community.”

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