Meeting Prof Gary Craig

When we met up with Professor Gary Craig I thought that it helped our group work out what we were going to do for content even more.

Prof Craig told us about many different people we could speak to and he built up our contact list. This benefitted us because we were unsure of who else we could possibly contact and he spoke about people we would have never even thought about such as the Salvation Army – who I now plan to contact.

He also told us about some cases of modern slavery and how we can identify companies that may not tackle slavery by looking for their modern slavery statements. Prof Craig also answered all of our questions effectively and he helped me understand how forced marriage fits under modern slavery, as I was unsure.

Overall I think meeting up with Professor Gary Craig went really well and he has helped us with our work so much with all of the information he has given us. It is clear that he is probably the best contact and source for information we could have, as he knows so much.


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