Gantt chart

gantt chart.jpg

So I can keep on track with the project I have created a Gantt chart. By doing so, I will be able to look back at this and make sure I am doing everything I need in good time.

I have planned to keep looking at stories about modern slavery that are already out there for around 10 weeks because it will help me know what going on and it might give me ideas and leads for content. By looking at these stories, it will also give me and idea of how to structure them and address the subject.

I am also going to do some research into organisations and charities involved with modern slavery early on to help me produce ideas for content, and then I will contact them.

Another idea I had was to include poems on the website and I thought we could make the site immersive if someone reads them out in the background on the home page. For these poems, i’m going to have a look for some and contact poets shortly after the charities so that I can get the interviews done and content completed as soon as possible.

As well as planning what i’m going to do, I have also marked the date when I want to have completed everything by so that I can see everything that I should be doing leading to that date.



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