Dorchester Primary School students show the public their art in Hull city centre

One of Hull’s primary schools has opened a pop up room in Princes Quay to show off the art they have created.

Dorchester Primary School, in Bransholme, created their own ‘Made in Hull’ to educate more children about arts and culture..

The work the students created includes paintings that are inspired by the art in Ferens Art Gallery, old and new photographs of Bransholme estate and a sculpture of Hull. The children also created paintings in the same style as the artist Jackson Pollock, using colours that make them think of Hull.

As well as the displayed art, there are interactive elements in the pop up room. Dorchester Primary worked with the School of Architecture to reimagine Bransholme and they designed buildings that children can go and play with. There are also boards that the public can write on to share inspirational quotes.

The pop up room is open to the public at 12-2pm on Friday 20 January and on Saturday 21 January from 10am until 3pm.

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A year 6 pupil from the school, Talia, said: “I think it’s really good and it’s good for 2017 and for Hull.”

Clare Powell, a teacher at Dorchester Primary School, labelled the work her pupils did as “kids culture”.

She said arts and culture are just as important as other subjects that are taught, as the subjects can “engage all children”.



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