Reflective evaluation of proper feature

I came across the story for my proper feature when I noticed someone had posted a status on Facebook about the lack of young people in the music scene. His status sparked up a big debate on the social media site as to whether the music scene is deteriorating.

The type of publication this feature would go in is a local magazine such as Browse. This is because it only focuses on Hull’s music scene and would therefore interest people who are a part of that.

The sources I used for this feature are all primary and they are:

  • Darren Bunting – venue owner and promotor
  • Michael Wright – guitarist
  • Lewis Ross – O’Rileys employee and drummer
  • Lane Daniel – vocalist
  • Joey Aitchison – photographer and videographer
  • Mark Page – festival director, and founder and promotor of The Sesh
  • Casey Stead – bar staff and promotor at Adelphi

As I already briefly knew these people and had them on Facebook, I contacted them through that and then met up with them in person. Facebook tends to be the best way to get in touch with people who are part of the local music scene.


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