Quiz’s range of clothes by Love Island’s star Olivia Buckland is “excellent” in Hull’s branch


A reality TV star has launched a clothing range with Quiz, which has proved to be popular in their Hull store.

The store manager of Quiz, in Princess Quay branch, said Love Island star Olivia Buckland’s range has been doing well since it launched and that celebrities help clothes stores sell products.

Recently, the reality TV figure introduced her line of evening wear to the women’s clothes store. The range mainly consists of dresses that are aimed at Quiz’s target audience of young women who go out clubbing and partying.

Sue Ellen Paul, Quiz’s store manager, said:

“Olivia’s range really fitted well into the Quiz brand with an edge and still stayed quite clubby and party

“Olivia is a great person for our target audience and she has a massive following on social media

“Celebs have a major impact. With social media, girls want to look more like their idols”.

She also said customers are “more likely to buy” products from stores if a “celeb they like” has their own range of products or has shopped in them because they “can connect more” with them.

Katy West, a 20-year-old student from Bransholme, said:

“I really like the dresses by Olivia Buckland. I don’t know who she is because I don’t watch Love Island, but her clothes stood out to me when I walked into the shop because they are so sparkly and pretty.”

Other celebrities have also launched ranges within Hull’s highstreet stores such as Ariana Grande’s Lipsy range and Beyonce’s Ivy Park in Topshop.


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