Review: Kazabian at Fruit 25/11/16

You wouldn’t expect many people to turn up to a venue to only see a small local band and a tribute act. However, on Friday night, Wake Up in Vegas and Kazabian attracted many people together at Fruit. The venue, on Humber Street, opened their doors at 7pm and the first band didn’t play until 9pm. The two hour wait for the bands to play was too long and it caused nothing but boredom. However, everyone still managed to stay cheerful.

When Wake Up in Vegas started their set, the vocals in their first few songs seemed to be too quiet and drowned out by their instruments. Vocalist, Chris Key, also said they usually play to a backing track but they weren’t able to due to issues they had when they sound checked. However, the alternative rock band didn’t disappoint with their electrifying and melodic guitars.

Wake up in Vegas’ performance improved throughout each song they played in their set. Their song ‘Drive’ particularly stood out because Chris’ vocals were a lot stronger and he brought more of a noticeable rock tone to his voice in the ballad, which complimented the soothing sound of the guitars. The four-piece band engaged well with the unexpectedly large crowd, as their vocalist spoke to everyone in between songs and encouraged people to go closer to the stage. Their upbeat track ‘Like You Care’ also got people dancing, with a sound similar to Deaf Havana. Other impressive and catchy songs the band performed were ‘Remedy’, because of their brilliant and perfectly in sync breakdown, and ‘My Mind’ that consists of groovy riffs. Wake Up in Vegas are definitely a band to look out for.

The Kasabian tribute band were better than expected. When they came out to perform, their stage presence was overly confident and they carried themselves as if they were rock stars. Kazabian also looked the part with similar haircuts and outfits. Their guitarist/vocalist wore black jeans that had a white stripe down the middle of the legs, just like lead songwriter Sergio “Serge” Pizzorno would wear. The only down side of Kazabian’s image was that their vocalist looked like he was wearing women’s glasses from Primark, which is something Tom Meighan probably wouldn’t ever be seen in. He also spent most of his time pretentiously pouting, which was quite off putting.

As soon as the band started their set with ‘Underdog’, everyone was dancing in the venue. Throughout Kazabian’s performance, they encouraged everyone to get involved and sing along. Most people in Fruit were excited and one woman got so carried away that she sneaked onto the stage and started dancing. It was a very brief moment for her because security quickly got her down. The band sounded just like the real thing and if you closed your eyes while listening to them, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell it’s just a tribute. As well as performing their well-known songs including ‘Fire’, ‘Empire’ and ‘Days Are Forgotten’, they also sang a cover of ‘You’ve Got the Love’ and they added elements of Kasabian’s iconic sound to the song. Kazabian are a brilliant tribute band to go and see for a cheap night out, and they are almost as good as the actual band Kasabian.


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