Opinion Piece exercise

A survey has brought to light that councils across the country are struggling to provide care for the elderly. This comes as no surprise due to the constant exposure in the media of issues old and vulnerable people have faced with carers.

The Family and Childcare Trust discovered that four in five UK councils struggle to provide care for older people. Also, more than 6.4 million people aged 65 and over live in areas where there isn’t enough care available to meet demand, especially for dementia.

Like other fields in the public sector, budget cuts are apparently to blame for their failures alongside growing demand and difficulties with recruitment. With the never-ending budget cuts and failures, it’s difficult to have faith in the Government. Where is our money going? Why do the public services lack funding? It all doesn’t seem to add up.

Money aside, it is shocking how many stories of abuse in care homes have risen. It’s terrifying thinking about what could happen to my grandparents when they reach the point in life where they need help. Even though the care sector is lacking money, it is vital that people are cared for properly and are safe. It completely baffles me why the care system isn’t regulated thoroughly and there definitely needs to be more things put in place despite the budget cuts.

Some care homes have recently closed down because of how bad they were, which is great, and some are under investigation. However, with high demand it’s also ridiculous that there will be less homes for people to stay in where they can be cared for. Evidentially, care for the elderly needs to drastically improve – even if it means raising council tax.



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