Browse Magazine – The Sesh review 8/11/16

Bull, Indigo Velvet, Happy Endings and Fiona Lee @ The Sesh, 08/11/16


Making the night packed with four acts, The Sesh introduced Fiona Lee, Happy Endings, Indigo Velvet and Bull onto the stage at The Polar Bear. The diverse musicians kept everyone on their toes on what to expect from their different genres. Through their different performances, each act transformed the mood inside the venue.

Starting the night, acoustic artist Fiona Lee set a very laid back atmosphere with the beautiful sound of her guitar and her authentic voice. The 16-year-old singer-songwriter has effortless talent. Her soulful and distinguished voice is truly captivating and soothing for the mind. Despite her young age, Fiona Lee carries a huge sense of maturity with her. It’s clear that she’s on the road to a successful future full of bigger and better things.

fiona lee.jpg

Bringing more acoustic vibes to the venue that warm up the night, Happy Endings then performed after Fiona Lee. With two frontwomen sisters Emma and Rachel Lee, the band keep things fresh by switching their lead vocals. Despite some feedback issues they faced with sound, Happy Endings still played a good set that burst with melodies. The band from Hull create nice, calming harmonies and they are most definitely the sound of relaxation.

happy endings.jpg

All the way from Edinburgh, Indigo Velvet then beamed with happiness on the stage and lifted the mood of the crowd. The indie pop group create a very fresh and delightful sound that is almost addictive. Their raw Scottish vocals also help create a bright and cheerful sound. No matter what your taste is in music, they will surely get you dancing to their funky and catchy riffs. It would definitely be impossible to listen to Indigo Velvet without a smile on your face.


Then, headlining The Sesh for their first time and creating a huge storm were Bull. The band from York are an infusion of 90’s American indie, grunge and alternative rock. Since 2011 the four-piece group have created the perfect balance between aggressive guitars and mesmerising melodies that keep you hooked. Frontman Tom Beer embraces a rough, harsh and stinging voice that is perfect for the careless and cool genre. His voice also compliments the sound of their drums that beat through your whole body. Ultimately Bulls are a band who are loud and fearless, and quite possibly a headache for some.



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