Review: Alien Ant Farm @ The Welly Club 05/11/16

On their ANThology tour, Alien Ant Farm came to Hull with everything you would hope for. Performing their album that was released in 2001, the band from California took people back down memory lane with their album that features ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Movies’. Alien Ant Farm were also joined by supporting acts Kaleido, Sumo Cyco and (Hed) p.e.

Starting the night full of rock, Kaleido performed first. The band from Detroit burst with energy onto the stage. With Christina Chriss’ bright pink hair and skin tight bodysuit it was impossible to take your eyes off her, as well as having her electric vocals ooze through your ears. At first their set started with typical rock songs. Then after a few songs they switched things up a bit when they performed their track ‘Trouble in Paradise’. The song starts with a reggae and bass sound, making you want to dance, and then the purer sound of rock drills into the song with the sound of the electric guitar which is a perfect combination. In their set, Christina Chriss also took the spotlight off herself for a moment and placed it onto drummer Joey Faver to play a solo which was nice. The band had a very friendly persona and the band enticed the crowd into liking them, by saying they’ve brought their new album with them on flash drives and it’s only available in the UK. Kaleido’s performance was entertaining and surprising to people who were unaware of who they are.


Sumo Cyco then performed after Kaleido, showing us just how powerful female vocalists can be with an even heavier tone. The punk metal band from Hamilton / Toronto Canada kept everyone on their toes. Blue haired frontwoman Skye ‘Sever’ Sweetnam was a bundle of energy who couldn’t keep still, and her top saying SWAT on the back was very fitting with the chaos the band brought. She walked through the crowd and got close to people on their level. At one point, a walkway was also made in the middle of the crowd for her riding on guitarist Matt ‘MD’ Drake’s shoulders. The four-piece group even covered Red Hot Chili Peppers song ‘Give it Away’, with so much enthusiasm that they made it sound like their own track. Sumo Cyco are just outstanding and truly entertaining.

sumo cyco.jpg

By the time it got to (Hed) p.e coming on stage, everyone was excited. As soon as the band’s set started, mosh pits were formed and the energy had transferred from the bands performances into the crowd. Their infusion of punk rock, hip-hop rap and reggae had everyone singing along. Paulo ‘Jahred’ Gomes’ pure vocals were effortless, and as well as singing he also played on a melodica and a tambourine in some songs. In their set, (Hed) p.e performed their new track ‘Pay Me’ which didn’t disappoint at all with a very brutal hardcore sound at the start. The band from Huntington Beach, California were brilliant enough to make you forget you were there to see Alien Ant Farm. The band should definitely have their own headlining tour in the UK, as they are too strong to just be supporting acts.


After the wait for the highly-anticipated band, Alien Ant Farm finally paraded onto the stage to end the night. In the first part of their set the vocals were overpowered by the guitar and drums. Vocalist Dryden Mitchell didn’t seem happy at all about the issues they were facing with the sound. However, spirits were still high as everyone sang along to each track from the band’s well-loved album. Dryden Mitchell’s very dry and sarcastic sense of humour was confusing at times, and the band seemed to spend more time waiting for him to be ready to sing than actually perform. However Alien Ant Farms performance then turned around near the end of their set when Christina Chriss, from Kaleido, joined the band for a song. Things were more relaxed and a bit weird when the female vocalist ripped open bassist Timmy Pee’s shirt, and Dryden Mitchell wore a towel on is head. To end the night Alien Ant Farm pleased their fans by saving their most popular song from their album ‘Smooth Criminal’ until last, getting everyone dancing. Timmy Pee held his guitar above the crowd at the end so they could strum on his strings. Throughout their set the band also kept throwing things into the crowd for fans. The items included Dryden Mitchell’s hat, guitar pics, set lists and even bottles of water. Alien Ant Farm’s performance of their album ANThology, was a night to remember indeed.


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