Colour writing exercise 

It was 10.30am and the Jeremy Kyle show had just started on the television.  I better get going, I thought to myself whilst putting my clothes on in a rush. At that moment, I then faintly heard my mum shout from the bottom of the stairs ‘shouldn’t you be going by now?’. Even though I’m 20 years old, she still treats me like I’m a child who mustn’t be late for school.

I then grabbed my bag that was laid on the floor and bundled everything I could think of inside. Then I picked up my car keys that are decorated with a shiny silver feather pendant, my grandads ying and yang trolley coin and a Jon Snow key ring and I went downstairs. 

‘Bye’ I said as I passed by the kitchen doorway where my mum was standing. I then went out to my little black car and I started my journey to Hull School of Art and design. 

Whenever I drive, I seem to have bad luck as I’m always slowed down in some way. Usually when I drive to HSAD, I’m held back by a long queue of cars moving at a snails pace.  Today, however, was different because there were barely any cars to be seen on the roads. This time, I had to stop at every single traffic light that beamed red. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! I kept thinking over and over in my head that I was going to be late. 

When I eventually escaped the annoying traffic lights, I quickly parked my car. Luckily, I made it on time with no minutes to spare. When I burst through the classroom door the room looked empty; there were only three people in the room. In a way the lack of students made me feel better about rushing to college, because at least I had bothered to turn up. 


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