Reflection on double page spread created

Overall the double page spread I created turned out to look okay. Compared to my first mock up, it is now a lot more visual and the text is spread out across more pages.

To make it visual I made some of my images take up the whole size of the pages. However, some pages are just made up of text in three columns to create a formal feel to the editorial. I also made sure there was white space throughout the editorial, so that the pages didn’t look too messy.

I found it very challenging to use colours throughout the editorial piece because of the time period of my chosen story. The images from the Vietnam war are mainly black and white. Therefore, the only colours I had were the images on pages two and three. Although there is a lack in colour, the first few pages draw the readers attention with colour and then once it gets into the story everything is black and white which sets up a serious tone.

I also used a few different types throughout the editorial that were all quite formal and easy to read. The fonts I used were Helvetica, Georgia, Bell, Big Casion and Arial.




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