Reflection on web experience created

After having many complications with the software I wanted to use to create an interactive piece of media, I eventually created something that it somewhat immersive and informal.

The web experience I created on was about Emma Goldman.

This software helped me a lot because all of my findings about my chosen influential person was mainly written, and there were hardly any video or audio files I could find of her. However, having a vast amount of text makes it difficult for audiences to be immersed. It would have been good if I could have embedded videos into my story and audio. If I could have done, I would have recorded myself reading out Goldman’s article to go alongside the text. Although I couldn’t include these types of media, I was still able to to add images so there was some visual element inside the story. really surprised me with how they make stories interactive for audiences. Although my subject is a bit dull, I still managed to make readers involved by making them chose what they wanted to read and making them click every now and then to read more. I thought it was best to split up the huge blocks of text I had with the interactions so that all of the content together wasn’t overwhelming for viewers.

Overall, I’m happy with the media I created and I think I was successful in created something interactive.


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