Immersive website created

Unfortunately I had issues with Klynt and I was unable to publish my website the day before the deadline because my free trial had expired.

I then started from scratch and created everything on Surprisingly, this software was the easiest to use and the process of creating the interactions for audiences was very simple. Luckily, it didn’t take too much time to create because I already had an idea of what information I was going to use. I decided to use this software because I found it difficult to find a wide range of different media to include in my interactive experience, due to the time period of my subject. Therefore, software that focused on writing was better because the website guided me on how to make the text interactive. The only thing I didn’t like about this software was that you cannot see videos in the stories and you cannot have audio to go with the text.

As I thought, the media I have created is likely to appeal to people who are in their mid teens and above. The web experience isn’t suitable for people who are younger because it lacks in visuals and the language is too complex in the article.

The story I created can be seen on

Or, my screen shots of it are below:





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