Experimenting with software

Due to having some issues with logging back into racontr.com, I decided to use www.klynt.net instead. I found this software a lot more challenging to use at first. However, I eventually got used to using it after playing around and watching their tutorial videos.

The navigation to go onto the different web pages on your site is very easy. You can view all of the pages on a story board and there are arrows that show which pages link together (as seen below).


I thought that putting all of my content together was a simple process. And you just drag and drop the content onto the pages and place them where you want them. As needed in immersive sites, the software allows you to add text, images, videos, audio and navigation buttons. The button I liked the most was the arrow pointing down (as seen below) with this I changed the settings so that when you click on the button, you will slide onto the next page.



The options available for editing the content however, were very limited. I found that there wasn’t a wide enough range of fonts to use. There also wasn’t even a home button you could use to navigate users back to the homepage on the other pages of the site. Due to this issue in particular, I had to just use text (as seen below).


The main part I found confusing was the bottom section of tools when you’re editing a page. This is because it’s a timeline set up as if the web page is a video (as seen below). I found this very confusing because the content on some of the pages kept overlapping because they were set to play on the timelines longer than necessary.




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