How large bodies of text are arranged on a page

Columns and grids are very important to use when you’re dealing with large bodies of text in editorials.

Manuscript and column grids are probably the best type of grids to use to structure large chunks of text. In editorials, columns work well because they allow you to break all of the text up and add media around it to make it more visual.

Alignments are also important because you need to make the text visually easy to read. The different types of alignment are left, right, centre and justified. The easiest one I find to read is the left aligned, because it makes it easier to scan through large chunks of text.

It’s also important to remember that the length of lines should always be kept short. This is because long lines of text tend to put audiences off from reading, because they make your eyes constantly shift to the left and right sides of the page which can be tiring. It’s always best to make your audiences eyes go down the page.




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