Creating interesting/creative page layouts


In the above page spread there are probably at least six different types of font. The different fonts all create a hierarchy for the content. The title is in a large type, in block capital letters and they are in red which makes it the most eye catching element for readers. Red is the colour that attracts the eye more and even though the page next to the text is made up of an image, my eye is always drawn to read the text first. I particularly like this double page spread because the layout on both pages link with each other. This is because the article is on the same angle as the stage is in the image. I also like how the double page spread looks simple because of the white space that is on the first page around the body.

One thing that is missing on the double page spread is a pull quote. This is because there is only a small block of text. However, if the text was longer it would be valuable to include a pull quote. According to “One of the page elements that brings visual power to the page is the pull-quote. Pull-quote is a display element which is used to attract the reader and to break up long blocks of text.”



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