Hierarchy in design

Hierarchy is one of the most important aspects in editorials because it allows you as the designer to control how the audience views your content.

‘Hierarchy based on type is usually shaped by relationships of visual texture and tone; that is, letterforms, words and lines of type come together to form different tonal values and varying characteristics of patterns or texture’1.

Tonal values, scale, texture, typeface, point size, tint, weight, letter spacing, line spacing and general spatial distribution all affect the density of type which affects how people read things on importance. Size is one of the most obvious aspects because people read larger text first.

Colour also contributes to creating hierarchy within design. Bright and vibrant colors tend to attract people more than softer, paler colours.

‘An excellent way to test prominence and priority created by combinations of color is to view a design in grayscale. Inevitably, if the background’s tone is dark, it will merge with darker shades and throw out lighter colors, and vice versa’1.

1. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2013/02/creating-visual-hierarchies-typography/



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