Council meeting news story

Police are heading back to the community

Children causing chaos in Orchard Park have prompted the police to put more officers back on the beat.

Hull City Council heard that youths have been setting fires, throwing mud and stones at passing cars and smashing shop windows in Shore Park. There have also been issues with noisy motorbikes repeatedly travelling down Dark Park Road and Orchard Park Road over the last few months.

In a council meeting at the Orchard Centre, councillors questioned community police officer Karl Palmer about what they were going to do regarding an incident that had occurred two nights before.

Cllr Terry Geraghty said: “An elderly lady who lives down Dane Park Road called me and said that bikes went and circled her while she was walking her dog and she was terrified.”

Rachael Sparke who lives on Orchard Park Road said she can frequently hear the bikes in her home. The 29-year-old said: “The bikes are doing my head in with the noise levels and the persistence of the young kids going up and down our street.”

Now police have responded to the issues by ensuring community officers patrol the area every night.

They are also planning to set up cameras to catch young offenders on Dane Park Road.

PCSO Palmer, who has been an officer for North Hull for the past 10 years, said: “Eighty percent of the time there will be a patrol on in the evening.

“It’s really good that we’re going back to community work like we used to.”


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