Setting up a document in Adobe InDesign

When you first set up InDesign to create a document, you instantly have different options. You can either set up a print, web or digital publishing document when you click ‘intent’.

During to setting up process you can also choose how many pages you want in the document, and it’s always good to select ‘facing pages’ to view them like a book/double page spread so you can see how well the pages work together.

You can also change the column width when you’re setting the document up and 10-12pt is usually a good size character width. Columns are used as a measuring tool and they present you with the grid for your design. Odd numbers of columns usually look the best in documents and the less there are the larger they become. The gutter is the space between the columns, they’re like a margin within the page.

The proper print size for documents is 285.


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