My chosen piece of influential journalistic work

The influential journalistic work I have chose for my assignment is Seymour Hersh’s investigation of the massacre at My Lai in Vietnam, 1969. This work stood out to me because Hersh exposed the U.S. army’s destruction, which is a rare thing that journalists do. This is rare because most journalists are embedded, which means they work alongside the army, and very few reporters work independently to show the truth to the public.

“Seymour Hersh, an independent investigative journalist, in a cable filed through Dispatch News Service and picked up by more than 30 newspapers, reveals the extent of the U.S. Army’s charges against 1st Lt. William L. Calley at My Lai. Hersh wrote: “The Army says he [Calley] deliberately murdered at least 109 Vietnamese civilians during a search-and-destroy mission in March 1968, in a Viet Cong stronghold known as ‘Pinkville.’”

The incident, which became known as the My Lai Massacre, took place in March 1968. Between 200 and 500 South Vietnamese civilians were murdered by U.S. soldiers” –

Hersh’s work:

Hersh’s background:



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